Blessing Muchape 
1. Three Hashtags that describe you?

#forward ever #backward never #hardwork is the key

2. What are your best memories during your training (hotel/culinary school)?

Best memories at GIHT
•being in the kitchen and fnb lectures were the best
•functions organised by the giht# were also best moments

3. What is your best memory during your internship and why?

Best memories during my intern are so many one of them being given the opportunity and role to lead others.
This has been my passion leading, delegating and making things happen in the Hotel industry

4. What is your definition of your job role at Matobo Hills Lodge?

Currently working at Trainee Lodge Manager @ Matobohills lodge
5. Which skills did you learn at hotel/culinary school do you use every day?

Learnt so much at the #giht college thus, ability to lead through the leadership classes, managed to improve vastly on communication skills, learnt both practical and theoratical ways of doing well in the tourism sector

6. What is your favourite time and place at Matobo Hills Lodge?

Festive season always the best for me at matobo hills lodge. Why? Because i happen to meet so many guests different tribes, races and that makes my job much more interesting meeting new people everytime

7. How do you stay current on new trends? Describe two trends you have found interesting in the hospitality industry?

The world has vastly changed and tourism has taken over. However, the industry never flourishes all the time but as a nation the country will soon enjoy the seeds of this sector as soon as the economy stabilizes

8. How would you describe Zimbabwe as a holiday destination?

Zimbabwe is an amazing African country with enjoyable flora and fauna. The natural resources and areas which are within the country are so remarkable and a must see for both local and international tourists.

9. Who is your inspiration?

From day one God has been the inspiration of my life and my career. Giving me strength on both hard and terrific times at work,life

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a young Zimbabwean, entrepreneur i would love to start something of my own in 5 years time. God willing, Economy willing and resources willing i would like to enjoy managing something of my own in the catering sector

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