Ben Ungermann's Masterclass Degustations

Ben Ungermann is back with masterclasses and a first-time dessert degustation in SA. 

The two-hour Masterclasses will take place at Capsicum Culinary Studio campuses in Cape Town on 14th and 21st of August 2019. 
Ungermann will be presenting two types of classes: The Chicken Masterclass and The Dessert Masterclass which will include some of 'The King of Ice-cream's' famous desserts. This time round, guests will have the opportunity to partake in his dessert degustation - Ben's first in SA - which is sure to be a gastronomical experience you don't want to miss! 

To purchase tickets for our Cape Town classes click below:  

14th of August Cape Town Campus (Wednesday evening) Chicken Masterclass followed by Chicken & Dessert Degustation: 

21st of August Cape Town Campus (Wednesday evening) Ice Cream Masterclass followed by Dessert Degustation:

More about Ben... 
In 2017 Ungermann decided to pursue his dream of a life in the world of food on MasterChef Australia. He finished as runner-up and discovered a love and talent for desserts. Since MasterChef Australia Ungermann has been travelling the globe, from Japan to England and Indonesia as well as his homeland in the Netherlands, giving masterclasses.
Here he answers some questions ...
What have you been doing since your last visit to South Africa?
I have been continuing to hone my skills in kitchens around the world and have settled in Indonesia where I have just become an ambassador for a cooking brand, made a guest appearance on MasterChef Indonesia and am working on opening my new milk bar/retro diner concept in Seminyak.

What do you believe are the latest food trends?
More and more people are exploring a vegetarian and vegan diet. I am an absolute carnivore and I love meat but it's no lie, to produce protein that ends up on the plate takes a larger toll on the environment. There is a big push to cook more with vegetables and non-protein items.
Do you have plans to visit any SA restaurants?
My last time in South Africa I visited Restaurant Mosaic which was absolutely phenomenal. Chef Chantel Dartnall is remarkable and it is one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I would love to explore Cape Town which I've heard is the food capital of South Africa but I know that saying that will upset lots of other cities.
What are you most looking forward to on this trip?
Meeting South Africans. My biggest following is in India and I have travelled all over the world but I have to say the people who have been my favourite are South Africans.
Tell us a bit about your ice cream shop in Australia?
Ungermann Brothers in Australia is a shop that presents gourmet, out-of-the-box flavours to the public. All our ice-cream is preservative free, we use the freshest local ingredients and it is completely natural with no stabilisers. My brother Danny and I are both parents and we believe when you are feeding the people you care about, you use the best possible ingredients at your disposal. It has never been about making a quick buck but rather about giving people quality.
Three favourite ice cream flavours?
My organic carrot cake, which has become my absolute favourite, secondly my salted caramel bacon and pecan and the third, which we don't make at my ice-cream shop in Australia, is boysenberry, it's just one of those flavours which gets me. 
Favourite chicken dish?
Chicken karaage - fried Japanese chicken with an amazing flavour.

The cost per Ben Ungermann Masterclass is R580 and includes an apron to take home as well as time afterwards for talks and photos with Ungermann. 
The Masterclasses are presented by Capsicum Culinary Studio. 

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