About Us

What we are about at GIHT 
As a premier academy of tourism and hospitality, GIHT is geared to be one of the vehicles in that growth programmes that are designed to meet the professional goals of our students, while at the same time meeting the changing needs of the global hospitality industry. Culinary studies in particular will address the current shortage of qualified chefs as some major hotels,for a example, have about 8% of their chefs have the minimum required qualification.

Our Accreditations

GIHT is in partnership with ICM and City and Guilds in order to expand Tourism and Hospitality training. GIHT offers both hospitality and business courses under these two boards and exposes students to internationally recognised qualifications.  

What Sets Us Apart?

Our rich portfolio includes but not limited to related short or refresher courses ,vocational skill development programs through MoE;:national and internationally accredited programs; tailored or in-house training , and professional development for managers & employees, and prospective employees working or those looking to work in hospitality industry as refresher training. Our recommended programs are based competency based training methodology renowned for its effectiveness globally, The programs have been developed in consultation with the industry and businesses to ensure their validity with the current and future requirements of the industry.

Best Service

GIHT Services

Courses are certificated; some in collaboration with Centre for Continuous Education; and others directly by HEXCO ,Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Industrial training and international institutions like ICM. Career guidance is offered to students on site and school vists.The competency based programs have been developed in consultation with the industry, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure their relevance to the current and future requirements of the industry .We have a strong team of hospitality and tourism experts with over 1 decades of practical experience of working and managing various types of operations in international industry around the world .

We assist students placement for attachment.Our programs contain extra curricula to impart entreprenual skills , customer care, grooming and foreign cuisines in culinary arts.State of the art facilities (training kitchen and restaurant; computer lab and library, demo bedrooms).Mentorship and or follow ups are offered after corporate training for maximizing impact of training and improve individual and organizational performance.

Provide various tailor-made flexible modes of training options or competency combination to meet organization’s specific goals and budgetary constraints goals.Training is on site or at the Institute, with the ability to have courses customized to your requirements.
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